North End Real Estate for Sale - Boise's First Suburb

The North End boasts most of Boise's oldest and storied homes. As Boise's first residential neighborhood (suburb) you can find a wide variety of homes today; from homes that were built in the late 1800s to new construction or remodeled homes. The North End also boasts 5 of the city's 9 Historic Districts (7 if you count the 2 Downtown districts).

Areas in Boise's North End

There are several distinctive area's within Boise's North End. Downtown Boise is considered part of the North End as far as the search features of this site are concerned. Downtown mostly has condos for sale, but you can also find single family homes along the Hays Street Historic District. Downtown Boise is a great place to go out with friends for drinks and dinner and even do some shopping. The Basque Block is perhaps the most distinctive area of Downtown Boise. Harrison Boulevard is the North End's most prominent residential street. Named after the 23rd President, Benjamin Harrison, who signed the act that made Idaho a State. Hyde Park was Boise's first suburban shopping area and remains a local destination for North End residents (as well as those who live outside the North End). Today Hyde Park has a number of local eateries and coffee shops and is a great place to enjoy time with friends! The Boise Highlands is a neighborhood that was developed just north of the historic North End starting in the 1970s. Homes here feature great access to Boise's foothills and has the Crane Creek golf course and country club. Bogus Basin is also accessed through the North End where locals can go hiking and mountain biking in the summer and skiing in the winter!

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